News Flash: It’s a crime to be here illegally

April 28, 2010

What gets in the brains of people to make them stupid?   (yeah, I know, it’s modern liberalism.)

Idiots are up in arms (and not the 2nd Amendment type) about Arizona making it  a CRIME to be in the United States ILLEGALLY.

To the clear-thinking people, let’s say it in unison: “DUH”.

Arizona is correct: Being in the USA illegally is a crime. That’s why the word  “illegal” is used.   Because it’s NOT legal, and therefore it’s a CRIME.  (again: “DUH”.)

What’s the fallout? The SF Mayor has placed a moratorium on official travel to AZ.  And certain morons on the LA city council want to boycott AZ.  And California Senate President Darrell Steinberg wants Governor Schwarzenegger to cancel all contracts that CA has with AZ.

My opinion.  Let ’em … let ’em boycott all they want. I think I’ll take my family TO Arizona for a vacation, because all those California fruits and nuts WON’T be there!

I moved TO California when I was in the military. I moved OUT of California when I needed a permit to blow my nose on Tuesdays when walking on the west side of a street.

Maybe we need to boycott CA for being a state staffed with morons.


Abortion. So it’s just “tissue”, huh?

April 28, 2010

I was so saddened by this story about an “aborted” baby that survived TWO DAYS after being cut out of his mother.

To all the pro-aborts, riddle me this: You are so wrapped up in the idea of “your body.” What about the “body” of the baby being killed?

In my opinion, you pro-aborts are nothing but a bunch of selfish pigs.

How much did H2N2-carrier George Soros pay?

October 24, 2009

I’m just kind of curious – –  How much did our hyper-liberal, bloated, H2N2 Boar-Flu carrier friend George Soros pay the people running the main stream media to usher in an unqualified candidate for president who can read a teleprompter really well?

Don’t they have their own money?

October 24, 2009

While the USA falls into bankruptcy, our “beloved narcissist in chief” and Sharia Law Sympathizer is giving away MILLIONS OF OUR DOLLARS (that’s yours and mine) to Muslim nations for “technology initatives.”

These countries are NOT in debt!!

We are!! Can’t they fund their own technology initiatives??

Prince Andrew makes some sense!

October 24, 2009

In response to the bloated liberal H2N2 Boar Flu carrier George Soros, England’s Prince Andrew made a great comment:

“I don’t want to demonise the banking and financial sector,” the Duke of York, Queen Elizabeth II’s second son and the special representative for international trade and investment, told the Daily Telegraph newspaper.
“Bonuses, in the scheme of things, are minute. They are easy to target.
“A number (of people) will have abused their privilege of a bonus, so get rid of the excesses, but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.”

“I don’t want to demonise the banking and financial sector. Bonuses, in the scheme of things, are minute. They are easy to target.

“A number (of people) will have abused their privilege of a bonus, so get rid of the excesses, but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.”

You heard the man. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.  Punish those who have abused the system, but let the market and a FREE press do its thing.

One more way to “create” a crisis …

October 24, 2009

Today Drudge links to a Yahoo! News’ article, Obama declares swine flu a national emergency.

Call me whacky (and some do), but it all seems to be a whole lot about whippin’ the country into a state of fear because 1,000 people have died from Swine Flu.

We have 115 people die EACH DAY from auto accidents in this country, but I don’t see him declaring any emergencies there.

What’s the tipping point for “acceptable number of deaths” for any given “killer?”

NBA star disrespects national anthem: ‘I don’t celebrate this [expletive]. I’m black.’

September 19, 2008

Josh Howard, when you say “The Star Spangled Banner is going on, I don’t celebrate this $#!+.  I’m black.”  — it means you’re a racist and a segregationalist. 

And nothing you say now can change that fact. 

 The land of the free — which allows you to make millions of dollars playing a game — is not something you celebrate?  My fellow (misguided) countryman, you are sadly deceived.

WASH POST: Drudge-ology 101…

September 17, 2008

Beyond his nose for news, Drudge is a powerful influence because his name is unique and only one syllable.

The Fix, a politics blog written by Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post, notes in today’s piece (Drudge-ology 101: McCain, Obama, and Media Bias / Drudge link) that Drudge is influential not only because of his nose for news, but also because of his nose for where the news is going.

That’s an insightful assessment!  He also points out that which most readers of news forget:  People working in news do so to earn money.  It’s a good reminder: When it all boils down, news is a BUSINESS. 

People who work in the news industry must earn a living.  From the cub reporter at the small town weekly to Matt Drudge’s $1.2 million a year, to Katie Couric’s $6 million a year, to Roger Ailes’ $20 million a year . . . and everyone in between — Headlines catch eyes – eyes read advertising – advertising pays the bills.

And while that fundamental truth is not going to change, there’s one thing people seem to overlook.  It’s not as vital as having a nose for news or where news is going, but it’s still a factor:

The popularity of the DrudgeReport is helped quite a bit
because “Drudge” is unique and only one syllable.

Today’s “blip” culture is dotted with shortness. 

We don’t say “period,” we say “dot.” 
We don’t say “electronic mail,” we say “email.”
We don’t say “Southwest Airlines,” we say “SWA.”
We don’t say “Do an Internet search,” we say “Google it.”

Shorter is better.  It’s faster.  It’s easier.  It’s also done with news sources:

The Washington Post is “The Post.”
The New York Times is “The Times.”
The Chicago Tribune is “The Trib.”

The problem? Each of those abbreviations could be confused for something else:

The Post could be The Washington Post or the Saturday Evening Post.
The Times could be The New York Times or The Times of London.
The Trib could be the Chicago Tribune or the Salt Lake Tribune.

But there’s no confusing an abbreviation of The Drudge Report. “Drudge” works all by itself with no clarification necesssary:

I saw it on Drudge.

So is Matt Drudge lucky or smart?  … Probably a lot of both.

CBS: The Sarah Palin Phenomenon Is ‘Doomed’…

September 16, 2008

Uh, no kidding.  Nobody rides a wave of popularity forever.  Next genius applicant, please? 

One of the comical things about main stream media is their attempts to “report” news in advance and hope it happens.  So it is with The Sarah Palin Phenomenon is Doomed  (Drudge Link). This article is a “tell a lie often enough, and eventually people believe it” piece. 

In this particular fairy tale, John Friedman pens a wonderful web of half-truths plus a whole lot of  “I sure WISH this happened.”  Here are some of the more comical lines by Friedman (each followed by my comments):

“The Sarah Palin Phenomenon is doomed. But it’s not because of her lack of foreign policy experience or her deer-in-the-headlights look during part of her interview last week with ABC’s Charles Gibson.”  

Never mind footage taken before the actual interview shows Gibson laughing and joking with Palin, during which time she no doubt felt quite at ease with him.  But as soon as the “interview” started, he became the arrogant schmuck looking down his nose at her.  This Jeckyl/Hyde switch no doubt confused her.  I’m sure she was thinking, “what the F is up with THIS attitude?” Actually, she probably felt quite betrayed.

“Gibson, as dignified a newsperson as America has now, treated Palin fairly and didn’t resort to hectoring her with “gotcha” questions, either.”   

Hmmm … if Palin was “treated fairly”, then was John Edwards “treated barely” with the cushy little nerf balls he was thrown four years ago? 

“Specifically, Palin seemed to have little idea about the Bush Doctrine, in which the U.S must spread democracy around the world to halt terrorist acts. When Gibson put it to her and asked if she agreed with the doctrine, she answered, ‘In what respect, Charlie?'”   

Interestingly, there is no official “Bush Doctrine.” The phrase was coined by a columnist who noted after the ABC interview that the term itself has taken on four different meanings since he first used it — thus, Palin’s response “in what respect?” is actually quite valid.

Friedman, not only do you twist and misrepresent the truth to your own desires, you missed the cutoff for the genius pool.   Next applicant, please?

Obama campaign rolls out new ‘faith merchandise’; ‘Believers for Barack’…

September 16, 2008
Oafs for Obama

I love the WHACKY things BO is doing in desperation.  After hitting the Drudge Report this evening and reading the “Obama campaign rolls out new faith merchandise” (Drudge link) it sounded like BO is on the cutting edge of a whole new fashion season — even featuring the Armani Collection!

I guess we have to compliment the BO campaign for the great bunch of catchy new slogans they dreamed up, trying to capture every demographic imaginable:

Believers for Barack
Catholics for Obama
Pro-Family, Pro-Obama
Yadda, Yadda, Yadda.

Well hey, if BO is going to reach out to all the demographics, let’s give him a hand.  How about:

Snake Oil Salesmen for Obama
Boozers for Barack
Pro-Beavis, Pro-Obama

Better yet, maybe each of us could design our own line of merchandise to help sink the BO ship.  The image above is a newly-designed yard sign I made for my neighbor, who, God love him, has had Obama signs in his yard for over a year.  (I’m really going to miss them after November — they’re kind of a nice color blue).

Oh — regarding my new sign, I’m taking orders . . .  🙂